How to Unlock SD Card Password – Full Guide Available

Do you forget your SD Card password and want to know how to unlock the SD card password, If yes then this article will be very helpful for you. As we all know that memory is a really useful external storage device. It’s small and compatible to store as many songs, videos, and images as you want according to the capacity of the SD card. We usually use SD card in our own smartphone to store our files. There are many private files that mainly we store in the SD card and after then we enable a password on a memory card so that no one else able to access your files. It’s really a good idea to save your files but sometimes we just forget our password and you will not able to access your files from your SD card. Some important files on your memory card and then you think that the last option is to reset your SD card. But in that case, you will be able to use the memory card in the future but you lost your important files.


You can also recover your deleted files from an SD card by using Your PC. But why recover data if you can still unlock the password for your SD card. Yeh! you heard right there is a simple way to unlock your password. I know you also want to know that how to unlock the Sd card password. So let’s start and I will tell you to step guide on How to unlock sd card password successfully without technical knowledge.

Steps On How To Unlock SD Card Password Using E Series Phones

» Simply remove SD card from your smartphone

» Now insert your memory card in any E & N series Nokia phone

» Just simply go to SD card and format it

» Yipee! The password is gone and you can now easily use your SD card

» Now it will not ask you for any password

» Remember this process will delete your all files

How To Unlock SD card Password Using Symbian Phone

» Firstly download a File Explorer in your Symbian phone

» Now make sure that your memory card is successfully inserted and working fine

» Open the file explorer and visit system folder

» Now find the file mmcstore.txt

» Simply copy that file and send that file to pc using Bluetooth

» Open that file and there you will see your password. Simply use it to unlock your sd card

Guide To Use PC On How To Unlock SD Card Password

» Remove SD card from your Mobile phone

» Now use the Card reader and insert your memory card then connect it to your pc

» Go to My Computer/This PC

» Select your memory card and right click on it

» Now simply click on Format option

» Once the process is done, you will see that password successfully removed from the memory card

» Enjoy using your memory card without password

How To Unlock SD card Password Without PC

» You need any Symbian device for this trick

» Download and Fexplorer in your Symbian device

» Now go to /sys/data/mmcstore and look for the file name mmcstore

» Open that specific file in ay editor

» Now on the third line, you will see some code like this-!TMSD32G

» Delete that code and your password successfully formatted from sd card

Conclusion – So guys in this article I discuss 4 easy steps and tell you that how to unlock SD card password. I tried my best to give you best working ways to solve your problem. I hope these methods will work for you and you can able to use your SD card. If you know any other method or tool that helps to unlock the sd card then don’t forget to comment below to help others.

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