How To Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days

Hello Guys, Hope you all are enjoying our Fb & Whatsapp Tricks. Today we will talk about How to change facebook name before 60 days. As you all know that Facebook is one of the widely used social messaging network across the world. In 3rd Quarter of 2017 Facebook has more than 2000 millions active users across the world. Now facebook comes with a new security and rules in which you will not able to change name more than 1 or 2 times.

If you want to change the name then you have to wait for 60 days to change the name. Sometimes we change facebook name for a short time period and then want to change to the previous name but according to Facebook, we have to wait for 60 days. But today I will tell you about a trick or a method of using which we can change facebook name to the previous one before 60 days of time period.

Steps To Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days

Guys, To change facebook name before 60 days you don’t need any technical knowledge. You just need some basic knowledge about facebook settings. So firstly you have to go “Facebook Settings” and then click on “General Settings” and then select edit name option to confirm that you are allowed to change the current name or not. If you are not allowed then you will get a message from Facebook like this below.


Once you have confirmed that Facebook limit is exceeded and you are not able to change password then follow these steps below to change the name to the previous names you have used in that account.

» Firstly Click Here To Change Facebook Name

» Now click On ” Someone else got into my account without my permission ” and click On Continue

» Now click On “Get Started” and then again click On ” Continue ”

» Now you will get password change option, simply change the password

» Just leave everything else, you don’t need to change any other information

» Click on next option and then Facebook ask you to review recently changed Name

» There you will get all names that you had used recently, Simply choose your Old name and complete process

Yipeee! You had successfully changed your name to the previous one. By using this trick you can change your name to previous one without any limit. So just follow these above steps and enjoy this trick.

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