WannaCry ransomware attack: Your ATM is safe for now, say experts

ATM machines across India could escape the WannaCry global worm attack that blocks computers and demands a bailout, authorities said computer security experts Monday.

At least 80% of India’s ATMs with Windows XP and the use of firmware that limits the activities of the machine to prevent the basic elements, such as the distribution of cash upon request and verification of the balance of the account.

Other activities are blacklisted, preventing ransomware system to attack an ATM.

Speculation has turned to India in the safety of ATMs after WannaCry crippled more than 200,000 computer systems in 150 countries since Friday.

The IT security agency in India has warned Internet users against the worm that blocks files from an infected computer and asks the user to pay a $ 300 bailout in Bitcoin virtual currency to unlock system.

The worm used a Windows vulnerability that Microsoft posted a security patch in March and the computers that had not been updated were still at risk.

WannaCry hit banks, hospitals, government agencies around the world.

Experts have warned that banks have the time to update the software used at ATMs. “Most ATMs in India use whitelisting services to eliminate the threats of malware and worms in their internal networks. WannaCry is not seen as something that is going to affect ATMs, unlike endpoints Or corporate personnel, “said Saket Modi, CEO and co-founder of Lucideus.

Lucideus is an assessment of security services provider and IT risks.

The fear of losing money and critical bank details are palpable since last October hackers attacked a server linked to the ATMs of India and corrupt more than 3 million cards issued by 19 banks.

The attack was in one of the companies that provided the ATM switch – a transfer payment engine that allows ATM software to connect to interbank networks.

Most of the switches are remote, not the ATM. A bank branch with an ATM is able to manage its own change, but the rest can be maintained by agencies like Hitachi.

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