SpaceX scrubs Sunday launch attempt with Intelsat relay satellite

SpaceX scrubs Sunday launch attempt with Intelsat relay satellite

A computer-activated switch stopped the countdown of a Falcon 9 Sunday rocket at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, returning the next mission to launch SpaceX at least until Monday.

The Falcon 9 229 foot high rocket represented the take off with an Intelsat satellite communication at 7:36. EDT (2336 GMT) Monday, and a happy afternoon weather forecast gave way to clear skies, while clocks coincide with the launch.

An automatic sequencer sends commands to charge the two-stage rocket with RP-1 oil-over-cooled propellants and liquid oxygen, and Falcon 9 conductors were prepared for the ignition and fuel tanks were pressurized for launch in the last minutes Countdown Sunday.

But the clocks were stopped within 9 seconds after a computer monitored the predefined criteria in the guide, navigation and control of the rocket has ordered an automatic break. SpaceX’s launch director cleared the launch attempt on Sunday a few minutes later, while the engineers studied the problem.

“We had a vehicle abhorrence criteria breached in 10 seconds, a criterion of CNG (Guidance, Navigation and Control),” said the launch director. “We always look at what it is today.

“We can not recover today without exceeding the end of the window, so they are officially cleaned,” he said. “Go ahead and put a 24-hour recycling to work.”

SpaceX Falcon began to drain the propulsion tanks 9 to 39A bar start soon after the exfoliation.

If SpaceX launch team can understand the problem and correct it if necessary, the Falcon 9 rocket could be reloaded again on Monday for a 58-minute launch window that culminate at 7:37. EDT (2337 GMT).

The launch of the Intelsat 35 communications satellite is the third of a series of Falcon 9 flights in the last two weeks. If the rocket exploded Sunday, it was the third Falcon 9 launch in just over nine days, and the second the same pitcher in Florida.

The pace of febrile activity at Cape Canaveral SpaceX facilities seeks to break the record for the fastest lap between pitches at 39A. SpaceX and Intelsat are eager to get the rocket from the ground in front of the US Army’s East Line is available to support the start-up after the July 4th holiday.

The Falcon 9 rocket assigned to the Intelsat 35 mission held a static test event Thursday night on platform 39A, less than 72 hours before the opening of the Sunday launch window. The ground teams overthrew Falcon 9 in their hangar Friday afternoon and are tied to the Intelsat satellite on the 35th rocket in time to return to the squad in the previous hours Sunday.

“We have had to add additional resources to try to transform the field in so little time,” said Ken Lee, senior vice president of space systems Intelsat, in a Sunday interview in Cape Canaveral.

“More manpower – a lot of pressure – but, as usual, our team is mission-driven, so when they see a target, they’re going to do the best they can do to meet that date.

“We worked almost 24 hours at 24, and we were brought in by other engineers to make sure we did the work we had to do and no shortcuts.”

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