Republic Now: A ultimate guide to spinning and winning the news cycle

Little by little, as the fuss over media management that the government was gaining ground, we think that we help all these media confuse yet unable to decipher the subtle message we try to send them by our actions in certain new organizations and their Affiliates.

Contrary to popular belief, we do not want all those who oppose us from the earth. It would ruin us. When you have a political movement built on grievances and fear of the other, you need a variety of enemies to keep feeding the delirious your base rather than actually doing something for them. Therefore, the ecosystem that follows us hate and resist us is ultimately the reason we continue to exist.

The problem is not that we do not have enough people leaning backwards for us. Please! We are worried there is a person who languishes in the dark trying to make the best impression to tell the truth to power.

Yes, good luck trying to penetrate the strength of misinformation and apathy that we built metaphorically around a piece of the population.

In fact, the problem is another. It is with these people that they helped us to grow up and have a box of soap that somehow they achieved alone, or who they believe are now big enough to carry out their critical look towards us. It is time to settle directly.

Listen, sheep. You are our front-line soldier in the information war. Do not make decisions. You follow orders. We did not choose because you were the sharpest knife drawer.

We stay because you’re stupid, believable and prone to believe in things that do not make sense. We chose because he does everything possible to get approval from the authority figures as we do, because his parents did not have that much surprise.

So when you try to pass by others and make enemies that we have not approved, you not only overcome your memory, you endanger our entire disinformation operation.

All the control over the discourse we harvested now was not built in a day or a month or a year. This has lasted for decades. These are not things we choose at random. We and our sister organizations spent a lifetime venom of discourse around these people and institutions.

Our objectives were competently selected. We have invested a lot of resources to build a case against them. We have managed to use inflammatory or controversial statements that we attribute to delegitimizing everything they say or defend. Just say the name and people start to chew their mouths anger. So do not try your own ideas until you erase with us first. You have absolutely no idea what you are dealing with.

Look, we’re not angry at you. If you are a true believer in our cause, we appreciate your gravity. We realize that you do not just come to return with the hope of getting the light on you. He really thinks he’s doing something good. This is something to celebrate.

But this is not something we can use. Believers are the worst. The mouth has no part in our movement. If you want to be criticized for having betrayed the cause or to make a promise, do not you dare to do so on the platform we have provided. Remember, we told you who you are. And we can all take when we want. Do not be under the wrong impression. We do not serve, they serve us. Remember that.

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