‘It is nothing like any other Tamil film’: Pushkar-Gayathri on ‘Vikram Vedha’

Pushkar-Gayathri has only two films in Tamil, and both are distinctive. Oram Po (2007) and District Court Va (2010) are characterized by strange characters who explore the comic belly so chennai.

The leader of the duo moves the gears of Vikram Veda, a mobster thriller that is going to take off from the popular Vikram-Vetal story. The film marks Madhavan, Vijay Sethupathi, Shraddha Srinath, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Kathir.

Vikram Veda was to be released in July, but was postponed due to the cessation of Tamil Nadu theaters in imposing an entertainment tax beyond the general sales tax. In an interview with Scroll.in, Gayathri was hoping the movie would come out in November.

The trailer suggests that the two characters Vikram Veda ‘has a dark series.
In a typical police film, it is not the right ganglien or a gangster with a heart of gold who fight against a corrupt cop. There is almost always a clear distinction between man and the bad.

In addition to exploring the structure, we wanted to base the film on this fundamental idea of ​​good versus evil, which is a very relative concept. It all depends on how things look.

While we were shuffling into ideas about morals and different perspectives, the popular tale Vikramadityan and Vetal fascinated us. History of children raises very ambiguous moral questions, which may have different answers. We wanted to play with this idea.

We avoid making movies or actors focused on hero glorifying a person. To compensate for this in terms of writing and character development, two people work well for a script. Vikram Vedha is also like two sides of a coin. But maybe unconsciously, maybe it’s because we’re a duo behind the camera.

Both born and raised in Chennai, Pushkar and I love the local flavor of the city. Chennai has a lot of color. We realized especially when we went abroad to study film. Getting away from the city, has very good memories of the city. This led us to make very ingrained films about the city.

In Vikram Veda also, locations and the cast of the film are very Madras. The atmosphere of the film, however, is that of a dramatic thriller. The comedy genre Oram Po and Go amputated features of Madras pop culture.

‘Neighborhood Court Va’ was published in 2010. The reason behind the long distance?
They are usually not bothered by the pressure of producing films and working with our own space and time.

While we were working on some other scripts in the meantime, we have not even granted anyone because there was something missing. We have waited to write a script that excites us. And Vikram Veda being a difficult plot to decipher, it took us time to simply do it.

At that time, the kind of strange comedy with non-linear structure was a complete novelty. However, in the last five or six years, there have been many of these films. The genre is now almost converted by passing and what I wanted to explore a genre and a more complex story.

The film is like no other Tamil movie that has ever been done before. So this is the value of the novelty of Vikram Veda.

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