National Film Award juries have mastered the art of sending everybody home happy

NDI cinema is the gold standard for excellence. However, it seems that they have been produced in the category of best actor. What else explains the price of Akshay Kumar to Rustom?

Kumar’s performance in Rustom, based on the sensational murder trial of KM Nanavati 1959, is one of the worst. If the jury had to give the charming and bold star award for their roles in the year 2016, they could have chosen airlift.

On the basis of the government’s operation to save more than one lakh from India in 1990 after Kuwait was invaded by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, the film Raja Menon has a better professional performance Kumar.

But it’s still not good enough to be named as the best performer in a country with many cinemas in different languages. There was a much stronger performance in other films that have won national awards this year, especially malayalam cinema – like Fahad Faasil to Maheshinte Prathikaram (which was named best Malayalam film) and Mohanlal to Janatha Garage (he made special mention).

Bollywood’s own Aamir Khan was stunning Dangal, but his drama had to settle for a deserved for the price of best actress by Zaira Wasim.

The judges in the feature film category, led by Malayalam director Priyadarshan, scattered around the glory of this year after falling in love with Baahubali in 2015. In a spectacular year, based Neerja Ram Madhvani on the value of Pan American Am Neerja Bhanot, could have won the best feature film award. Received the award in the category of films in Hindi, the honors are reserved to the drama marathi Kaasav.

Directed by veteran filmmakers Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukhtankar, Kaasav (turtle) explores the relationship between a troubled young woman and suicide is welcomed. The film stars Irawati Harshe and Alok Rajwade.

The astonishing number of categories ensures that everyone goes home happy. Do you need National Film Awards for visual effects (won by Shivaay of Ajay Devgan) or actions and waterfalls (pocketed by Pulimurugan)? How many movies are eligible for the best story / Voice (for the documentary Makino)?

Rewards to separate best feature, the best popular film to provide wholesome entertainment (Telugu comedy Sathamanam Bhavati) and the best film about a social problem (production of Hindi Pink, sexual assault) also ensures that films are socially relevant populists and not with Empty hands.

There was questionable choice, as always – cinematography and production design for the Tamil film strictly 24; A special mention for the ordinary fulfillment Sonam Kapoor to Neerja.

The most opaque option was Akshay Kumar. The Bollywood star will appear in a number of social-themed films for the next few years (including Ek Prem Katha Aseo and Padman). This is not the last one we will see of him.

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