How a lucky accident stopped WannaCry ransomware attack, landed 22-yr-old a job


A 22-year-old cybernetic expert who accidentally stopped the ransomware breach at the British National Health Service (NHS) was hired by the British National Cyber ​​Security Center to prevent further damage.

Marcus Hutchins, also known as “Tech Malware” accidentally triggered a “switch of destruction” that helped prevent the attack of WannaCry ransomware to spread, said Monday.

It took a couple of hours in Hutchins to stop the infraction, but at this point, the virus has spread and paralyzed the NHS.

Hutchins was in her room when she accidentally stopped the attack.

“I confess that I was not aware that the registration field stop the malicious software until I recorded, then first, that it was accidental,” said @MalwareTechBlog tweeted. The self-taught technical scientist is supposed to live in south-west England.
Hutchins joined a “private practice of intellectual threats,” based in Los Angeles a year ago.

He said in a blog he bought a web domain for £ 8 and redirected elsewhere to stop the ransomware attack.

“My job is to find ways to potentially control and stop botnets (and other malicious programs), so I’m always looking to remove malware from unregistered control server (C2) malware,” Hutchins said in his blog.

He also told that he avoids college and taught himself sophisticated hacking techniques.

“I was planning to go to college, but I ended up giving myself a safe job last year, so I took it. I am completely self-taught, so in retrospect, the university probably is not worth the time or money,” said The Guardian , Quoting Hutchins.

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