What goes into cutting a Hindi film trailer? ‘Stick to the story, don’t use random gags’

The Hindi movie of any marketing strategy can be characterized in one sentence: the tyranny of the trailer.

The fate of a future product is decided by its star power and the strength of its soundtrack, but especially its trailer. The first world view of a movie takes a few minutes, but it has the power to influence the speed with which it becomes cyberspace and how it will be received in theaters.

“Friday’s first laps depend largely on the public’s enthusiasm for the trailer,” said Aditya Guerrero, whose Touch warriors are one of the top Bollywood trailer installation companies.

Companies like Creationz pentacle, led by the Ravi brothers and Binny Padda and PROMOSHOP created by Chinni Nihalani have cut off provocations and trailers for many years but the heat has increased dramatically at a time on social networks and video sharing platforms Decide the fate of a movie even before the promotions and marketing activities begin.

“The process is the same, but I think the panic has increased,” Nihalani said. “It’s so important to create a good trailer, because despite the many different promotional strategies, a trailer sets the tone and buzz of a movie.”

While Bollywood trailers follow the Hollywood model, the scale of production and budgets are very different. “The total turnover of the Hindi film industry is almost as much as the quarterly results of a large corporate house,” said Binny Padda. “There are no big budgets for doing mates unlike Hollywood.”

Towing can be as difficult as directing a movie. A trailer has a beginning, a middle and a dramatic ending, like a movie. Sometimes, the twist of the plot is the hook, sometimes the narration or the performance. Tactile warriors made the trailer for Poorna, the biopic film of Rahul Bose to Poorna Malavath, 13, from Telangana who climbed Everest. “For Poorna, we made 18 versions over a year before deciding,” Guerrero said.

“For a biography or a real-life story, people know how the film ends, so they try to excite people to see the movie the way it is made.” In Poorna, the story she climbs On Everest is already there, so you can not create suspense on that front. ”

Film advances in Hindi have often been accused of the whole story. Binny Padda, and Aditya Chinni Nihalani Guerrero explain the words and words of cutting the trailer and illustrate their ideas with case studies.

Why trailers are significant: Since I started to make trailers, it has become an industry in the film industry. A trailer is two and a half minutes trying to convey a movie in the best way possible. It is very difficult to reach the heart of the film in a matter of minutes and that is the challenge.

Trailer tale: I like to be true to history. We try to give an exact representation of the film. We try to make things and different changes. In the Indian film industry, similar films are made on several occasions and it becomes difficult to communicate differently the same format with the audience every time. The graphics are the most crucial and something like the police can change the whole tone of the product.

After organizing almost 400 campaigns, I think it is necessary to identify the strengths of the film, it is necessary to know the popularity of its players, and must be motivated by good music and sound. We are usually involved in a project from the beginning and at other times it is a last minute combination.

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