Why the censored ‘Game of Thrones’ on Indian television is so much better than you think

With the seventh game of thrones season around the corner, replays of old stations broadcast on the Star World channel. Those who care enough to show in India want to refresh the memory of the stations know to direct these efforts – in accordance with the broadcasting rules of India, the show, famous for its nudity and its imaginative murders, was censored In the shadow of his true self.

Game of Thrones, based on the novels of George RR Martin, is from every point of a fantasy show product much better than most other television programs or films of the genre. The sixth season, which has gone through the first half of 2016 was particularly beautiful, each episode was carefully scripted, the characters being in their own works.

But the show can also drag. After the nth digression in a scene of sex or brutal violence, only to prove that this pseudo-medieval world – being good measure in the fantasy environment of the European moinage the European Middle Ages with some dragons and ice-launched zombies – of Done, somehow real, I’m starting to yawn.

Therefore, velad taken from the censored version of the show on Indian television is a pleasant surprise. Each season comes with episodes of 10 hours, of which, more or less, a good fifth is a genre or unnecessary violence that does not move forward the plot. Instead of having to sit through everything, Indian censors help you instead.

Of course, the red wedding can be a bit confusing and you really can not be too sure how Ned Stark is dead because even his head cut in a spike is blurred in the second season, but at least one person should not Go to one episode after another endless body that are naked or mutilated for no real reason other than beating or exciting.

This is not infallible protection against the frequent fatigue of the show. Indian viewers will have to withstand such deviations as Dorne subchasis and travel Bran Stark out of the wall – the latter so long that even the producers of the series have decided to spend a season in Bran and company. But this greatly reduces the duration of each episode.

Of course, it could feel this way, because I’ve never seen a truncated version of Game of Thrones. Long before the Indian censors put their hands on the show, I found myself indescribably bored by all the sex and violence, and I started to skip most scenes in their place, then completely abandon show. And the only reason I went back to the demo was censored version on television.

I succumbed to the same conversations and started watching the show in mid-2014, while the fourth season playing in the United States. I went through the first season (pirated, uncensored) of excitement, hung up in the second season and the third half way left the show as a lost cause because the plot just does not move.

Not that the premise of the game of thrones was completely boring. I have replaced the fourth and fifth seasons by means of summaries of the Wikipedia plot because I wanted to keep up with the events. I was too lazy to take care of myself.

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