Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana turns 17: Not just SRK and Gauri, Karan Johar has a beautiful wish for her

Portion 17 is a reference point. You are only a year to become an adult and still get all the favourites that you have kids. Now is not it so sweet? Like Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s daughter, celebrating their birthday Suhana, both parents are on the moon. Director Karan Johar, a dear friend of the family, also has a good idea of the beautiful girl. Taking Twitter, Karan shared a beautiful photo and Suhana wrote: “Happy birthday, Suhana !!!!!!” I love you !!!.❤️❤️❤️❤️ Previously, Gauri shared a photo of Suhana from the same photo shoot and his party plans. Suhana goes to school in the UK and Gauri seems to have the party there. It is well known that if SRK and Karan are good friends, Karan and Gauri are best friends. Gauri has designed the nursery for the Karan twins, Yash and Bearing Instagram, Gauri shared a beautiful photo and Suhana wrote: “Birthday Girl”. She shared another photo Sunday and added: “Celebrations for tomorrow, my birthday …” The second image is a real click on the first photo that appears to be after a photo shoot and Suhana has beautiful and comfortable air before the camera. Shah Rukh then took Twitter to thank everyone for their good wishes for Suhana. “And thank you all for the wishes Suhana happens when he will be back … I am sure he will be overwhelmed by his love.” Suhana was in India, where he recently met with SRK father often. She was also seen falling at the airport when she returned to school. We also saw Gauri and Suhana together on their way to London. Speaking of her daughter earlier, Shah Rukh said she wanted to be an actress. “Suhana wants to be an actress and she says she does not want to learn from me.” “What a surprising thought?” “Because it means she wants to do what I do, but in an independent and unique voice,” said the proud father.

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